imac1Business intelligence and big data have generated a significant demand for applications capable of visualisation. The Managed Print Services industry is no exception and the demand for intelligent visualisation of data is increasing. Limpio harness the advanced technical capabilities of NewField IT’s award winning ‘CompleteView’ business analytics platform to provide User Analytics.

Many organisations have implemented some form of print management, but at Limpio we have found that once implemented the data gathered can be quite ‘static’ and rarely acted upon as its just more data to process.

User Analytics presents a visual approach to following up on implemented Managed Print Services strategies and print policies. Data collected via print accounting software such as Equitrac or SafeCom can be securely packaged and uploaded to the CompleteView server and viewed as dynamic charts as opposed to plain text reports.

This provides the capability to quickly and easily ‘drill down’ and investigate ways to manage data error, understand behaviour & workflow processes of concern with real time data as well as providing more practical and user friendly reporting.