There are five key areas that matter most to companies when it comes to printing management:

  • Cost
  • Sustainability
  • Printing from mobile devices
  • Security, governance and compliance
  • Automation of paper based processes

Through the industry recognised Lean Six Sigma tools and methods we deliver measurable improvement to organisation in 3 key stages.

Assess and Optimise

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your print environment, document infrastructure and workflows to give us an accurate baselines of your current print spending. We then develop a full product and process roadmap towards where you need to be, including key cost saving projections.

With our fully cooperative process, you’ll get all the information you need to take action to reduce your costs by as much as 30%, and hit your sustainability targets. Our goal is to help you print less, and print for less. Our analysis helps you identify opportunities for:

  • Cost Savings – Uncover hidden, hard and soft costs to understand what you’re really spending on printing
  • Sustainability – Reducing printing and paper, streamlining workflows, improving energy management and educating employees correctly can significantly cut costs, while reducing your carbon footprint
  • Business Intelligence – Make faster and better decisions by using analytics to spot trends and transform operational data into knowledge you can act on
  • Device optimisation – Reduce complexity with the right printing products to improve your ROI, with a focus on affordability, productivity, security, sustainability and functionality
  • Consolidated Billing & Reporting – Make costs transparent and simplify billing by combining invoices and usage reports

Secure and Integrate

Once the analysis is complete, we work with you and your team to fully implement your unique solution. We’ll work collaboratively to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible, whilst ensuring we adapt to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way. When integrating any solution, we ensure we have complete visibility of five key areas of our client’s environment:

  • Security – It’s vital that proper security measures are in place to protect both your company’s and your customers’ information. All of our solutions are designed to comply with key government regulations, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Mobility (BYOD) – Smartphones and tablets are continuing to shape our working environments. We provide all mobile workers with convenient, secure print access to keep ensure they stay productive, wherever they are
  • Help Desk Integration – From simple Help Desk integration with client IT management, to our full suite of Information Technology Outsourcing services, we support the IT needs of our customers
  • Print Server and Print Queue Management – Our proactive approach to printer management guarantees that we fix problems before our customers even know there is a problem. Our remote monitoring capabilities allow us to minimise any disruption your workforce might normally suffer
  • Security Technology and Services – Our combination of Xerox ConnectyKey™ software and partnerships with Cisco and McAfee protect our customers from malware and viruses, continually monitor for threats, and keep you up to date with advisories supporting government regulations and industry standards

Automate and Simplify

Through ongoing data collection and continues review and analysis, we drive productivity and reduce waste throughout your organisation. By automating paper-based processes we can further enhance productivity through reduced printing. Developing smart workflows means we can capture, route, store and retrieve documents by leveraging content management software and solutions.

  • Productivity – Increasing productivity by even 10-20% can have an incredible effect on your bottom line. By outsourcing your print management and maintenance you can transform your workplace by streamlining your processes and reduce your employees’ dependency on paper
  • Insight – We’ll create an accurate snapshot of your print and document usage to help you transform your data into decisions
  • Workflow automation – We focus on reducing paper to automate and simplify everyday tasks and processes
  • Content Management – Easily organise, store and retrieve massive amounts of information for both cloud bases and local solutions. We’ll help you manage your paper and digital content from creation, collaboration and processing to retention and archiving
  • Document Analytics – We help you determine opportunities for automation by focusing on employee printing behaviors, and how paper is used within your business processes
  • Digitizing Paper Documents – Capture every paper document within your organisation as our system intelligently extracts and routes the information, to enable faster approvals and more accurate exception handling