eCopy ShareScan – The Leading Document Capture Software

Scalable, customisable and ready for work

eCopy ShareScan accelerates paper and electronic document capture workflows while catalysing compliance through records management protocols and policies. The eCopy modular platform architecture gives you the freedom to build the right solution for your company.

A multifunction printer without eCopy ShareScan® is like an iPad® without apps. With eCopy ShareScan, your multifunction printers (MFPs) can do so much more than print, copy, fax, and scan.

eCopy ShareScan enables office workers to do much more than take pictures of pieces of paper, put them into folders, or attach them to generic email messages.

As easily as tapping buttons on a smart phone, office workers can convert images of text into actionable data and capture them in the information systems used to run the business—easily and securely—right from the MFP’s touch screen. The results are dramatic boosts in speed, productivity, information security and accuracy, records compliance, and environmental and cost savings.

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