Limpio MPS - Already have a Managed Print Service?

At Limpio, Managed Print Services (MPS) is more than the print industry typical hardware audit > snapshot > proposition approach.

We don’t believe MPS is simply about hardware improvement. It’s about a holistic improvement to the way people do business. It’s about gaining visibility and control of your printing, and making the decisions that are best for organisation.

By providing ongoing management for your office printing and document workflow, we can improve security, productivity, and even improve your environmental sustainability. Our sophisticated, market leading software coupled with our expertise at reimagining processes allows us to build a system unique to you.
The MPS industry is increasingly short sighted and operationally focused. We understand the long term benefits of a concerted strategic approach. We know that as organisations move to the next generation of MPS contracts, they’re increasingly looking to drive further cost savings and productivity improvements across the board.

Our industry leading MPS plans include:

  • Non manufacturer specific device support
  • Proactive legacy device management
  • Business intelligence analytics and analysis
  • Hardware flexibility – change the number of devices you need at any point
  • Document capture – automatically digitise paper documents into an editable workflow using cloud services (e.g. SharePoint, Office 365 or Google Docs)
  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Real time usage reporting

To match the challenges of today, every business needs to be smarter and faster around MPS.

If you’d like to find out how Limpio can upgrade your Manage Print Services, call us today on 0800 085 5550, or email us at